We all have experienced a rapid growth in science and technology in the last century that resulted in groundbreaking innovations and exciting new technologies.As technologies advance, pedagogical practices should carefully evolve to adopt the change while keeping tract of the impact of such technologies.

Digitalization in medical education combines the advantages of effective learning and digital technology, will transform medical education. The ambition is twofold:

  1. 1. From the point of view of learning: students exercise interesting learning , animation and simulation to describe concepts
  2. 2. From the point of view of accessibility: portability of e-books and other study materials in the real time and in the screen of mobile, alone or in a team at near zero marginal cost.

In the digital age, gaining sufficient knowledge through the innovative stuffing’s helps to practice according to the frequency and intensity that is necessary to develop competencies. Avoiding not being prepared for rare or serious cases. Anticipate the lack of vigilance due to overconfidence as in familiar cases..

Technology has significantly altered the healthcare landscape over the last years. As digital technologies has become more portable, easy to use and affordable so, it has begun to capture the minds of medical students. In their quest on being effective, educators have always experimented with the art of learning. Teaching has evolved over centuries by adopting new approaches, methods, tools and technologies to reach a wider students. Here is technologies advances to make learning really amazing. It starts to supplement or replace traditional paper-based book. The dynamic properties of many e-books held educators convey the same information without spending significant time and effort on presenting the topics.

Medicals apps are evangelization of technology. Using mobile app for study is key to survival in clinical settings for healthcare workers. Medical apps aim to assist people to manage their health by learning about and tracking health information.