Medicos Histology:Anatomy histology figure & guide

Medicos Histology app provides mobile access to a complete collection of ultra-high-resolution histology microscopic slide images with notes and explanation of those topics in a simple and easy to understand way.

A comprehensive note and a related hand-drawn diagram will surely make each topic easy and quick to revise in a short period of time.

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-------Key Features of Medicos Histology-------

•Almost all the topics are covered and classified accordingly under 17 topics that covers all syllabus area.

•you can make notes of the explanation describing the histology of human tissue with their functions, locations and embryological origins.

•you can zoom in the pictures to see the details more clearly and also download the Handmade sketch images of histology of every tissue needed for anatomy ( total 500+ images to choose from)

•Other than hand made images you will also find high resolution images taken directly from microscope of the human tissues needed for anatomy

•Definitely a quick reference cum revision guide before exams.

This system allows students, teachers, researchers, and the general public to explore the complete microscopic landscape of the body as if they were looking at a collection of actual slides on a physical microscope, all through the cloud via their Android mobile devices.

It is very useful in preparing for general school examinations, Medical exams , or personal study lessons on Histology of anatomy and human tissue

-------Modules include-------

Histology and embryology of Epithelial Tissue
Histology and Embryology of Connective tissue
Histology and Embryology of he cartilage of human body
Histology and Embryology of Blood vessels
Histology and Embryology of itegumenraty system
Histology and Embryology of Muscular tissue
Histology and Embryology of Respiratory system
Histology and Embryology of Gastrointestinal system
Histology and Embryology of Salivary Glands
Histology and Embryology of Hepatobilliary tissue
Histology and Embryology of Lymphatic Tissue
Histology and Embryology of Endocrine system
Histology and Embryology of Renal system
Histology and Embryology of Male and Female Reproductive System
Histology and Embryology of Central and Peripheral nervous System
Histology and Embryology of Speical senses- EYES

A comprehensive, easy-to-use tool designed to maximise your study time!
This app is the perfect tool to have at your fingertips. Students of the medical, dental, and allied health professions will appreciate having this dynamic resource in their toolbox.

Other than that download this and help yourself learn Histology in a simple and managed way.

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