Our vision

What is our Innovation ?

Our Vision:

“To be the most trusted healthcare and medical service provider through Information Technology.”

“We vision every people in the country enhancing their education and health through different platforms of
 Medicos accessible from their homes.”

We want to become the bridge of medical field and technology through different platforms of the Medicos.
 We provide best educational materials, tools and assistance to the Medical professors, practioners, 
students, health enthusiasts and patients.


 The team is committed to achieve the following vision:
  1. To create a seamless and virtual transition where patients meet doctors and seek medicines without
     any inconvenience or delay
  2. To make healthcare Understandable, Accessible and Affordable.
  3. To aware the people about health and ease the way of approach
  4. Research and develop in medical field through technology
  5. To train patients and their families with high-impact health skills to improve outcomes and save
     lives through technology
  6. Serve as a comprehensive knowledge resource by providing quality content and product to match the
     best available.
  7. To solve the health problems of developing and developed countries.
  8. Developed exemplary leadership in the field of medicine.

Our work impacts thousands of people around the world. VUT(Vision,user,Team) is our north star guiding our
 actions and decisions every day to ensure we always do the right thing.

Do Great is our motto and is the hallmark of a member. It signifies the intrinsic motivation in each member
 to strive for excellence. Every time. This means member of team do their best work, not for want of rewards
 or recognitions but because they expect it of themselves.



We aren't a team, so much as a community of people that believe in the mission and work. Thank you to our supporters, mentors and advisors who have joined us on this journey, and who provide us with invaluable guidance.


Our Supporters

Chitwan Medical College

CMC is Nepal’s first ISO certified Teaching Hospital. It serves approximately a quarter of a million people a year, from its district and outskirt areas involving the neighboring states of India also.

Creative Callosum Nepal

Creative Callosum Nepal is an emerging organization ; which is formed primarily to create positive changes in health and education; starting from The Health City Chitwan with vision of spreading all over the country by medical students over the country with direct support from senior doctors. With its name Connect and Care , the main aim is to make people aware of various health problems and to get in touch with specialist via digital media.